Mouse Anti-Human HCK Monoclonal Antibody, Unconjugated, Clone 3D12E10

  • Mouse Anti-Human HCK Monoclonal Antibody, Unconjugated, Clone 3D12E10

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Target HCK
Species Cross Reactivity Homo sapiens
Host Species Mus musculus
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Applications EIA, WB
Clone Clone 3D12E10
Target Species Homo sapiens
Target/Molecule Synonym JTK9
Unit 0.1 ml
Format Formulation: Ascitic fluid containing 0.03% sodium azide. Purified antibody available at no extra cost.
Description Hemopoietic cell kinase.The protein encoded by this gene is a protein-tyrosine kinase that is predominantly expressed in hemopoietic cell types. The encoded protein may help couple the Fc receptor to the activation of the respiratory burst. In addition, it may play a role in neutrophil migration and in the degranulation of neutrophils. Alternate translation initiation site usage, including a non-AUG (CUG) codon, results in the production of two different isoforms, that have different subcellular localization.GI Number: 3055Immunogen: Ni-NTA purified truncated recombinant HCK-His fusion protein is expressed in E. Coli strain BL21 (DE3).Application: Western Blot:1:500 - 1:2,000 IHC(P):1:500 - 1:2,000 ELISA:Propose dilution 1:10,000. Determining optimal working dilutions by titration test.Storage: HCK monoclonal antibody can be stored at -20ºC, stable for one year. As with all antibodies care should be taken to avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles. Antibodies should not be exposed to prolonged high temperatures.
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Company ProSci, Inc
Type Monoclonal Antibody
Isotype IgG1
Uniprot ID P08103