BAFF Antibody

  • BAFF Antibody

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    CatalogueID : XP-5105

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Target BAFF
Species Cross Reactivity Homo sapiens
Host Species Capra hircus
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Applications EIA, WB
Clone Polyclonal
Target/Molecule Synonym B cell Activating Factor
Unit 0.1 mg
Format A sterile filtered antibody solution (1 mg/mL) was lyophilized from 0.5X PBS pH 7.2. Powder
Concentration Lyophilized
Cite This Product ProSci cat# XP-5105 RRID:AB_713003
Company ProSci, Inc
Type Polyclonal Antibody
Source/Expression System Produced from sera of goats pre-immunized with highly pure (>98%) recombinant hBAFF (human BAFF).