Rabbit Anti-Caspase-9 Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated

  • Rabbit Anti-Caspase-9 Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated

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Target Caspase-9
Species Cross Reactivity Homo sapiens, Mus musculus
Host Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Applications WB, IHC
Target/Molecule Synonym CASP9, APAF-3, APAF3, CASP-9, CASPASE-9C, EC 3.4.22.-, ICE-LAP6, MCH6, apaf3, apoptotic protease activating factor 3, apoptotic protease MCH-6, casp9, caspase-9, ICE-like apoptotic protease 6, mch6
Unit 0.05 mg
Format Purification: Protein G ColumnFormulation: Weight: 50 µg Concentration: 0.5 mg/ml
Description Caspase-9 and Apaf-1 bind to each other, which leads to Caspase-9 activation. Activated caspase-9 cleaves and activates Caspase-3 that is one of the key proteases, being responsible for the proteolytic cleavage of many key proteins in apoptosis. Caspase-9 play a central role in cell death induced by a wide variety of apoptosis inducers including TNFa, TRAIL, anti-CD-95, FADD, and TRADD. Caspase-9 is expressed in variety of human tissues. Recently, a novel isoform of rat Caspase-9 has been identified in which the C terminus of full-length Caspase-9 is replaced with an alternative peptide sequence. This protein called, Casp-9-CTD (where CTD is carboxyl-terminal divergent) is expressed in multiple tissues, with the relative highest statement observed in ovary and heart. The variant C terminus of Casp-9-CTD in rat is derived from an alternative exon of the rat Caspase-9 gene. Casp-9-CTD was found primarily in the cytoplasm and was not detected in the nucleus. Caspase-9-CTD proenzyme is not processed in the cells and lacks apoptotic activity. The Casp-9-CTD transfected cells are resistant to caspases induction by cytochrome c, suggesting that Casp-9-CTD acts as a dominant-negative variant. Caspase 9 is a cysteine C14 endopeptidase that mediates oncogene and drug-induced apoptosis. It is activated upon binding to Apaf-1/cytochrome c and inhibited upon phosphorylation by the serine/ threonine kinase Akt. Activated caspase-9 cleaves downstream caspases such as Caspase-3, -6 and -7 initiating the caspase cascade. Like other caspases, Caspase-9 plays a critical role in mediating apoptosis during normal brain development. Caspase-9 also cleaves amyloid beta-protein precursors, principal constituent of senile plaques, and is involved in neuronal death observed in Alzheimer disease.Immunogen: Caspase-9 antibody was raised against a mixture of synthetic peptides corresponding to amino acids 345-359 and 366-383 of Caspase-9. (Rat)Application: Caspase-9 antibody can be used for detection of Caspase-9 by WB (1 - 2 µg/ml), IHC-parafin (5 µg/ml).Buffer: Caspase-9 antibody is supplied in PBS, 0.02% sodium azide.Storage: Caspase-9 antibody can be stored at 4ºC for short term storage, for long term storage aliquot and store at -20ºC . Avoid freeze thaw cycles.
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Type Polyclonal Antibody
Isotype IgG