chicken Anti-hemoglobin polyclonal Antibody, TMR Conjugated

  • chicken Anti-hemoglobin polyclonal Antibody, TMR Conjugated

    CatalogueID : OA04R02

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Target Hemoglobin
Species Cross Reactivity Homo sapiens, Mammal (Species unspecified)
Host Species Gallus gallus
Target Tag/Conjugate TMR
Unit 0.2 mg
Format Total IgY, 1 mg/ml in PBS + 0.02% sodium azide
Description Anti-human hemoglobin, tetramethylrhodamine (TRITC)Conjugate: Tetramethylrhodamine (TRITC)Maximum excitation: 557 nmMaximum emission: 576 nmPurity: Total IgY (this product has NOT been affinity purified). Use: Primary antibody with fluorescent detection. The unconjugated version of this antibody has been confirmed to work well as a primary antibody in ELISA's and Western Blots. There has been no additional testing of this conjugated version.Storage: Refrigerate for short term or keep frozen for long-term storage. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cyclesProduct is shipped FedEx overnight on ice packs within continental US. The first item is $30, additional items are shipped at no additional shipping costs.
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Company Protein Mods
Type polyclonal Antibody
Isotype IgY