Rabbit Anti-Calcitonin Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated

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Target Calcitonin
Species Cross Reactivity Canis lupus familiaris, Equus caballus, Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, Primate (Species unspecified), Ovis aries, Sus scrofa, Rattus norvegicus
Host Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Applications IHC-P, WB
Target Species Mus musculus
Target/Molecule Synonym CT, Alpha CGRP, CALC1, CALCA, Katacalcin, KC
Unit 1 ml
Format 200 µg of epitope affinity purified IgG (0.2 mg/ml) in 10 mM PBS, pH 7.4, with 1% BSA and 0.1% sodium azide.
NCBI Gene Aliases calcitoni, CA,CGRP-1,CGRP1,Calc,Calc1,Cgrp,Ct,Ctn,calcitoni, Calc1, CA, Cgrp, CGRP-1, Ctn, Calc, CGRP1, Ct
Company Thermo Scientific Pierce Antibodies
Type Polyclonal
Isotype IgG
Immunogen Synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 1-32 of human calcitonin.
Gene Name calcitonin/calcitonin-related polypeptide, alpha