ABCG1 Rabbit anti-Human Polyclonal (Internal) (Biotin) Antibody

  • ABCG1 Rabbit anti-Human Polyclonal (Internal) (Biotin) Antibody

    CatalogueID : LS-C122570-100

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Target abcG1
Species Cross Reactivity Mus musculus, Homo sapiens
Host Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
Target Tag/Conjugate Biotin
Applications WB, IHC
Target Species Homo sapiens
Target/Molecule Synonym ABCG1, ABC transporter 8, ABC transporter, ABC8, Homolog of Drosophila white, White protein homolog, WHITE1, WHT1
Unit 100 Ķl
Format Conjugated to biotin. No preservative added
NCBI Gene Aliases WHITE1, ABC8
Description Specificity: Recognizes human ABCG1. Species cross-reactivity: Mouse. There is 100%/100% identity/homology of the immunogen used for this production and the human protein sequence. There is 84%/89% for mouse and 78%/88% for rat.
Cite This Product LifeSpan BioSciences cat# LS-C122570-100 RRID:AB_10803026
Company LifeSpan BioSciences
Type Antibody
Domain/Region/Terminus Internal
Purity Immunoaffinity purified
Uniprot ID P45844
Clonality Polyclonal