IRAK4 shRNA (Human)

  • IRAK4 shRNA (Human)

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Target IRAK4
Unit 15 mg
Description Precomplexed psiRNA targeting the human IRAK-4 gene. Precomplexed psiRNAs is a collection of plasmids expressing shRNAs that target human or reporter genes precomplexed to a transfection reagent . These formulations allow for faster reading, higher efficiency and more reproducible results than extemporaneous preparation of psiRNA complexes using conventional transfection reagents. Since psiRNA plasmids express a GFP reporter system, transfection efficiency is easy to assess. Alternatively, transfected cells can be sorted out by FACS or stable clone selected using Zeocin™. Precomplexed psiRNAs are generated by complexing endotoxin-free psiRNA plasmid DNA with an optimized formulation of the transfection reagent LyoVec.