Mouse IL-23 ELISA Ready-SET-Go! ® (Second generation assay...

  • Mouse IL-23 ELISA Ready-SET-Go! ® (Second generation assay) 2 x 96 tests

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Regulatory Status RUO
Target/Molecule Synonym Interleukin-23, IL23, p40, p19
Range 1000 pg/ml - 8 pg/ml
Reactivity Mouse
Sensitivity 8 pg/ml
Applications ELISA
Method ELISA
Original Item Name Mouse IL-23 ELISA Ready-SET-Go!® (Second generation assay) 2 x 96 tests
Category Kit
Target IL-23
Unit 2 x 96 tests
Description This Mouse IL-23 (p19/p40) ELISA Ready-SET-Go! 'IS' ELISA Set (Improved sensitivity assay with 5B2 capture antibody) with high affinity binding ELISA plates contains the necessary reagents, buffers and diluents for performing quantitative, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). The 5B2 antibody in combination with the C17.8 antibody yields an improved IL-23 sandwich ELISA with greater sensitivity than was achievable with previous assays. This ELISA reagent set is specifically engineered for accurate and precise measurement of mouse IL-23 protein levels from samples including serum, and supernatants from cell cultures. The assay demonstrates parallelism in measuring recombinant and native mouse IL-23 proteins with a standard curve range of 4 pg/ml to 500 pg/ml and assay sensitivity below 4 pg/ml. Native mouse IL-23 was detected in supernatants from bone marrow-derived, LPS-activated dendritic cells. The use of a p19-specific capture antibody and a p40-specific detection antibody renders this assay exquisitely specific for mouse IL-23. IL-12 p40 homodimer and IL-12 p70 were each run in the assay at 500 ng/ml with no interference or cross-reactivity observed. A panel of 20 unrelated cytokines was run in the IL-23 ELISA at 100 ng/ml with no cross reactivity observed; all values were at the limit of detection of the assay.For measurement of total p40 protein levels, the Mouse IL-12/23 Total p40 ELISA Ready-SET-Go! Is available (88-7120)