Compartment Protein Extraction Kit

  • Compartment Protein Extraction Kit

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Source/Expression System Protein expression products
Category Protein expression products
Applications Protein Extraction
Original Item Name Compartment Protein Extraction Kit
Unit 1 kit
Description One of the challenges of functional proteomics is separation of complex protein mixtures for quantitative and differential subcellular localization analysis. This necessitates standardized and repeatable operation procedures to isolate subcellular proteomes from tissues and cells. The Chemicon Compartmental Protein Extraction Kit addresses the challenge by providing an innovative, easy-to-perform, and cost-effective method to sequentially isolate cytoplasmic, nuclear, membrane, and cytoskeleton proteins from mammalian tissues and cells based on a proprietary technique. This kit contains enough reagents to enrich four compartmental proteins from 5 grams tissues or approximately 125 million cells. The efficiency of subcellular fractionation has been investigated by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting of selected marker proteins.