Rat ACTB (actin, beta) Endogenous Control (VIC/MGB Probe, Primer Li...

  • Rat ACTB (actin, beta) Endogenous Control (VIC/MGB Probe, Primer Limited)

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Additional Catids 17896
Brand/Trademark Applied Biosystems
Applications PCR & Real-Time PCR:Real Time PCR-Based Gene Expression Profiling:Real-Time PCR Primers, Probes, Arrays & Controls:Real Time PCR:Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping
Keywords internal, relative, quantification, multiplex, singleplex, mouse, NM_031144.2, PDARs
Unit https://products.appliedbiosystems.com/ab/en/US/adirect/ab?cmd=catNavigate2&catID=602691&CID=AFLBC-AB ; EA
Description This product is intended as an endogenous control. It allows relative gene expression quantification in cDNA samples when it is used with other gene expression assays. Probe is labeled with VIC® dye - MGB and the primers are limited. Can be used for multiplex or singleplex PCR reactions. Endogenous control is to be used with TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays, TaqMan® Custom Gene Expression Assays, and/or Custom TaqMan® Primers and Probes. Assay Details: Gene Symbol: ACTB RefSeq: NM_031144.2 Probe Exon Location:4-5 Amplicon Size: 91 Detects genomic DNA?: No