Eppendorf Deepwell plate 96/500, Sterile, White OptiTrack, CS/40 (5...

  • Eppendorf Deepwell plate 96/500, Sterile, White OptiTrack, CS/40 (5x PK/8)

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Color white

rounded-corner, conical bottom well

Wells 96 Wells
Material virgin polypropylene
Volume 500 µl
Unit 40 plates (5 bags of 8)
Description Eppendorf sets the new standard for deepwell plates with new RecoverMax well designs. The well geometry enables high-speed pipetting, excellent mixing and high-speed centrifugation to accelerate your manual as well as your automated work processes. Sophisticated colors and coding make reading, orientation and manual handling easier and faster. Made of virgin polypropylene, each plate type is available as Standard and Sterile quality. Eppendorf Plate Deepwell 96/500, 96/1,000 and 384/200 are also available as DNA LoBind and Protein LoBind quality. Ease of stacking, multiple sealing options as well as high chemical and temperature resistance make these plates excellent, multipurpose tools. The plates fulfill current guidelines: SBS1, IVD, EN ISO 9001/13485.