Eppendorf twin.tec PCR Plate 96, skirted (colorless wells), Red, 25...

  • Eppendorf twin.tec PCR Plate 96, skirted (colorless wells), Red, 25 pcs

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Color Red


Lid Type N/A
Material Polypropylene - wells
Polycarbonate - plate deck and skirt
Unit Set of 25 pcs.
Description EppendorfJ twin.tec PCR plates are manufactured utilizing “twin-shot technology,” an innovative injection mold process. This unique method combines two of the best performing materials: virgin polypropylene is used for the wells; polycarbonate, an especially rigid material, forms the plate deck and skirt.Polypropylene provides the best inert, nonwetting surface that prevents DNA, RNA, and enzymes from binding, and it improves recovery from wells even when working with minute volumes. Polycarbonate provides mechanical stability, and it facilitates handling of the plates. The enhanced stiffness offers improved plane parallelism in the plate deck before, during, and after a PCR, and it ensures a more secure seal. Bending or curving of the skirt is virtually eliminated, making twin.tec PCR plates the ideal choice for use with automation or robotics.