PC12 (undifferentiated)

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Applications WB
Disease Pheochromocytoma
Cell Line PC12 (PC-12)
Format Lysate
Tissue Adrenal Gland
Type Cell Lysate
Source Cell
Treatment undifferentiated
Species Rat
Unit 100 µl
Description Rat pheochromocytoma-derived PC12 cells are an important cell model for studies of growth factor cell signaling pathways. PC12 has been used for a variety of studies where cell division and cell differentaiton have been induced through growth factor activation. Both NGF and FGF can promote neurite proliferation, while EGF and IGF-1 can induce mitosis in PC12 cells. In addition, PC12 cells can be used as a model of neuron development since they differentiate into a neuron-like morphology and express various neuronal proteins., PC12 cells were differentiated into neurite-bearing cells by plating the cells on rat tail collagen coated dishes and growing the cells in the presence of NGF (200 ng/ml) for 48 hrs (Cat.# PL7141). Undifferentiated PC12 cells (PL7121) were grown in suspension cultures. Both PC12 cell models were lysed in 1% SDS, 1.0 mM sodium ortho-vanadate, 1 mM sodium fluoride, 10 mM Tris (pH 7.4) buffer. Protein concentration was determined using the BCA method (Pierce) before diluting to final concentration and buffer