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Format Purity: SDS PAGE: >95%
Format: Purified recombinant protein expressed in CHO cells - lyophilised
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Target/Molecule Synonym Erythropoietin, Epoetin, EPO
Species Human
References [1] Jacobs K. Shoemaker C. Rudersdorf R. Neill S. D. Kaufman R. J. Mufson A. Seehra J. Jones S. S. Hewick R. Fritsch E. F. et al.
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[10] Sasaki H. Ochi N. Dell A. Fukuda M.
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Category Protein
Accession Number Sp Accession Number: P01588
Source/Expression System Recombinant
Applications ELISA
Unit 0.005 mg
Description Function: Erythropoietin is the principal hormone involved in the regulation of erythrocyte differentiation and the maintenance of a physiological level of circulating erythrocyte mass.Subcellular Location: Secreted.Tissue Specificity: Produced by kidney or liver of adult mammals and by liver of fetal or neonatal mammals.Pharmaceutical: Used for the treatment of anemia. Available under the names Epogen (Amgen). Epogin (Chugai). Epomax (Elanex). Eprex (Janssen-Cilag). NeoRecormon or Recormon (Roche). Dynepo (Shire Pharmaceuticals) and Procrit (Ortho Biotech). Variations in the glycosylation pattern of EPO distinguishes these products. Epogen. Epogin. Eprex and Procrit are generically known as epoetin alfa. NeoRecormon and Recormon as epoetin beta. Dynepo as epoetin delta and Epomax as epoetin omega. Epoetin zeta is the name used for some 'biosimilars' forms of epoetin alfa and is available under the names Silapo (Stada) and Retacrit (Hospira). Darbepoetin alfa is a form created by 5 substitutions (Asn-57. Thr-59. Val-114. Asn-115 and Thr-117) that create 2 new N-glycosylation sites. It has a longer circulating half-life in vivo. It is available under the name Aranesp (Amgen). EPO is being much misused as a performance-enhancing drug in endurance athletes.Similarity: Belongs to the EPO/TPO family. MW: 21307 OMIM: 133170; gene. [ NCBI / EBI] Applications Tested: E Cross-Reactivity: Human Storage: Store at -20C only.Storage in frost-free freezers is not recommended.This product should be stored undiluted. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing as this may denature the protein. Specificity: ERYTHROPOIETIN Specificity: ERYTHROPOIETIN Buffer Solution: 40 mM Sodium Citrate. 170 mM Sodium Chloride. pH 7.0 Product ID: 79725