Peptide Standard 1

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Format Purity: > 95%
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Original Item Name Peptide Standard 1
Molecule Name Peptide Standard 1
Category Peptide
Unit 1 mg
Description Peptide Standard 1 contains 18 out of the 20 standard amino acids for use in amino acid analysis (AAA). sequencing. and mass spectrometry analysis. Gln and Asn are not in the sequence since Peptide Standard 1 was originally designed as a standard for AAA. and upon hydrolysis. they are converted to Glu and Asp. respectively. MW: 21535 Storage: 4°C for short term (weeks) and -20°C for long term. Stability: 6-12 months at -20°C. Sequence (One Letter Code): CPDFGHIAMELSVRTWKYSequence: {CYS} {PRO} {ASP} {PHE} {GLY} {HIS} {ILE} {ALA} {MET} {GLU} {LEU} {SER} {VAL} {ARG} {THR} {TRP} {LYS} {TYR} Sequence (One Letter Code): CPDFGHIAMELSVRTWKYSequence: {CYS} {PRO} {ASP} {PHE} {GLY} {HIS} {ILE} {ALA} {MET} {GLU} {LEU} {SER} {VAL} {ARG} {THR} {TRP} {LYS} {TYR} Formula: C98H145N25O26S2 Product ID: 83411