Eledoisin Related Peptide

  • Eledoisin Related Peptide

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Target/Molecule Synonym Eledoisin-related peptide; ERP
Format Each vial contains 5 mg of lyophilized solid packaged under an inert gas and supplied as a trifluoroacetate salt
Molecule Name Eledoisin
Source/Expression System Synthetic
Original Item Name Eledoisin Related Peptide
Purity Purity > 95% by HPLC
Molecular Weight 706.96 g/mol
Formula C34H58N8O6S1
Sequence H-Lys-Phe-Ile-Gly-Leu-Met-NH2 or H-KFIGLM-NH2
Unit 5 mg
Description Eledoisin-related peptide, a member of the tachykinin family, is an active peptide that excites neurons and triggers behavioral responses. It is a potent vasodilatator and secretagogue that contacts many smooth muscles