CatalogueID : 10-783-79137

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Format Purity: >95% by SDS PAGE
Format: Purifed recombinant protein - lyophilised
Species Porcine
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Target/Molecule Synonym Interleukin 1. alpha proprotein
References [1] Ordureau. A. Smith. H. Windheim. M. Peggie. M. Carrick. E. Morrice. N. and Cohen. P.
The IRAK-catalysed activation of the E3 ligase function of Pellino isoforms induces the Lys63-linked polyubiquitination of IRAK1
[2] Yano. S. Banno. T. Walsh. R. and Blumenberg. M. et al.
Transcriptional responses of human epidermal keratinocytes to cytokine interleukin-1
[3] Gounaris. A. Zagouri. F. Sergentanis. T. N. Provatopoulou. X. Kalogera. E. and Zografos. G. C.
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[4] Hatta. K. Morimoto. A. Ishii. E. Kimura. H. Ueda. I. Hibi. S. Todo. S. Sugimoto. T. and Imashuku. S.
Association of transforming growth factor-beta1 gene polymorphism in the development of Epstein-Barr virus-related hematologic diseases
[5] Fujita. T. Ikejima. H. Yamagata. N. Kudo. Y. and Hoshi. K. et al.
In vitro response of immunoregulatory cytokine expression in human monocytic cells to human parvovirus B19 capsid
Source/Expression System Recombinant
Accession Number Accession Number: NP_000566.3
Category Protein
Applications Functional Studies
Unit 0.01 mg
Description Summary: The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the interleukin 1 cytokine family. This cytokine is a pleiotropic cytokine involved in various immune responses. inflammatory processes. and hematopoiesis. This cytokine is produced by monocytes and macrophages as a proprotein. which is proteolytically processed and released in response to cell injury. and thus induces apoptosis. This protein and eight other interleukin 1 family genes form a cytokine gene cluster on chromosome 2. It has been suggested that the polymorphism of these genes is associated with rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. Sequence Length (aa): 271 KEGG pathway: Apoptosis 04210KEGG pathway: Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 04060KEGG pathway: Hematopoietic cell lineage 04640KEGG pathway: MAPK signaling pathway 04010KEGG pathway: Type I diabetes mellitus 04940 OMIM: NCBI [ 147760] Applications Tested: FN Cross-Reactivity: Pig Storage: Prior to reconstitution store at +4C. Following reconstitution store at -20C.This product should be stored undiluted.Storage in frost-free freezers is not recommended. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing as this may denature the protein. Should th Stability: 3 months from date of reconstitution. Specificity: IL-1 ALPHA Specificity: IL-1 ALPHA Endotoxin Level: