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Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Target/Molecule Synonym MMP-13
Format Format: 50 mM Tri-HCl pH 7.5. 0.2 M NaCl. 5 mM CaCl2. 1 uM ZnCl2
Source/Expression System E. coli
Original Item Name MMP-13
Molecule Name MMP-13
Category Protein
Unit 0.01 mg
Description A DNA sequence (NM_002427) encoding full-length human mmp-13 enzyme (471 aa) was expressed in CHO cells.The matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) constitute a family of zinc-dependent endopeptidases thatfunction within the extra cellular matrix. These enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of connective tissues and are important in bone remodeling. menstrual cycle and the repair of tissue damage.MMP-13 (collagenase-3).1 is a member of the MMP family of extra cellular proteases. The cDNA encodes a polypeptide of 471 amino acids. The predicted protein sequence displays extensive similarity to the previously known MMPs and presents all the structural features characteristic of the members of this protein family. including the well conserved PRCGXPD motif. involved in the latency of the enzyme and the zinc-binding domain (HEXGHXXXXXHS). In addition. MMP-13 contains in its amino acid sequence several residues specific to the collagenase subfamily (Tyr-214. Asp-235. and Gly-237) and lacks the 9-residue insertion present in the stromelysins (Freije J.M. et al.. 1994). MMP-13 is able to degrade fibrillar collagens. The expression of MMP-13 in osteoarthritic cartilage and its activity against type II collagen suggest that the enzyme plays a significant role in cartilage collagen degradation (Mitchell P.G. et al.. 1996)Targets of MMP-13 include collagen. gelatin. aggracan. plasminogen and CXCL12. The native MMP-13 is secreted as a 60-kDa proenzyme. and activated by cleavage to a mature 48-kDa MMP-13.Recombinant human MMP-13 (471 aa) was expressed as a pro-enzyme from its DNA sequence in CHO cells. The recombinant MMP-13 can be activated through incubation with 1 mM APMA at 37º C for 40 min. Its activity can be measured in FRET-based enzymatic assays (AnaSpec: Cat#71135. Cat#71156) MW: Approximately 55 Cross-Reactivity: Storage: Store at -80 C and avoid freeze-thaw cycles Concentration: 70 ug/ml Product ID: 235001