StemSep™ Human CD8+ Cell Depletion Kit

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Reactivity Human
Original Item Name StemSep® Human CD8+ Cell Depletion Kit
Keywords Immunology
Method Depletion, Buffy coat, The depletion of human CD8+ cells from fresh or previously frozen peripheral blood or bone marrow
Brand/Trademark StemSep
Source/Expression System CD8+ T cells, T cells

Components: • StemSep™ CD8+ T Cell Purge Cocktail • StemSep™ Magnetic Colloid

Unit For labeling up to 1 x 10e9 cells
Description Column-based immunomagnetic depletion of human CD8+ cellsThe StemSep™ Human CD8+ Cell Depletion Kit is designed to deplete CD8+ Cells. Unwanted cells are targeted for removal with Tetrameric Antibody Complexes recognizing CD8 and dextran-coated magnetic particles. Labeled cells are separated using StemSep™ columns and magnet. This product is available as a custom order only. Please contact our technical support team at <a href=""> for more information