Resistin ELISA Kit, Rat

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Reactivity Rat
Species Rat
Target Resistin
Original Item Name Resistin ELISA Kit, Rat
Method ELISA
Sample Type Serum, plasma, or tissue culture medium
Category Assay Kits/ELISAs
Unit 1 kit
Description B-Bridge's Human, Mouse, and Rat Resistin ELISA Kits make use of a straightforward biotin/horseradish peroxidase-labeled streptavidin reaction to provide sensitive and quantitative measurements of homodimeric resistin in serum, plasma, or tissue culture medium. Robustly detect as little as 0.2 ng/ml of human or 0.5 ng/ml of mouse resistin in serum, plasma, and culture medium. With intra-assay CVs below 5% and inter-assay CVs below 6%, the biotin-labeled antibody-based sandwich enzyme immunoassay provides reproducible results over a broad dynamic range from assay to assay. The antibodies in Human Resistin ELISA Kits are highly specific for human resistin with no detectable cross-reactivities to mouse resistin and other cytokines that may be present in human serum. Mouse Resistin ELISA Kits recognize natural and recombinant mouse resistin. No cross-reactivity has been observed for mouse cytokines such as RELM-alpha, RELM-beta, leptin, leptin receptor, and adiponectin.