Camel beta-Endorphin

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Format Purity: > 95%
Species Camel
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Target/Molecule Synonym Beta-endorphin - Arabian camel
Molecule Name beta-Endorphin
Accession Number NCBI Accession Number: OECMB
Original Item Name beta-Endorphin Camel
Category Peptide
Unit 1 mg
Description Potent endogenous opioid protein b-Endorphin is derived from propiomelanocortin. b-Endorphin is a protein found in the brain. anterior pituitary. skin. immune system. and other peripheral sites. b-Endorphin is released in response to painful stimuli and b-Endorphin has potent antinociceptive activity that is mediated through b-Endorphin's action on μ receptors in brain and by μ and κ receptors in the spinal cord.N/A Length (aa): 31 Storage: 4°C for short term (weeks) and -20°C for long term. Stability: 6-12 months at -20°C. Sequence (One Letter Code): YGGFMTSEKSQTPLVTLFKNAIIKNAHKKGQSequence: {TYR} {GLY} {GLY} {PHE} {MET} {THR} {SER} {GLU} {LYS} {SER} {GLN} {THR} {PRO} {LEU} {VAL} {THR} {LEU} {PHE} {LYS} {ASN} {ALA} {ILE} {ILE} {LYS} {ASN} {ALA} {HIS} {LYS} {LYS} {GLY} {GLN} Formula: C155H250N42O44S1 Solubility: InSoluble in water. Dissolve peptide in small amount of Acetonitrile - then dilute up with any other buffer or water.