Maltase Dehydrogenase (r-MDH)

  • Maltase Dehydrogenase (r-MDH)

    CatalogueID : GWB-511F31

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Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Original Item Name Maltase Dehydrogenase (r-MDH)
Molecule Name Maltase Dehydrogenase (r-MDH)
Category Protein
Unit 10.000 Units
Description Hyperthmophile MDH from Thermus flavus MDH exists as a dimer comprising of identical subunit having 350 amino acid residues. Thermus Flavas MDH has excellent thermal stability and long-term storage stability in liquid. The product has lower level of side reaction in serum AST assay than that of purified bacterial enzyme. Cross-Reactivity: Product ID: 183020