Streptavidin DyLight™ 800 Conjugated

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Molecule Name Streptavidin
Original Item Name DyLight™ 800 Conjugated Streptavidin
Target Tag/Conjugate DyLight™ 800
Format Lyophilized
Applications FLISA, IF Microscopy, Western Blot
Purity This product was prepared from chromatographically purified Streptavidin.   Assay by immunoelectrophoresis resulted in a single precipitin arc against anti-Streptavidin.  No reaction was observed against anti-Avidin
Specifications/Features The emission spectra for this DyLight™ conjugate match the principle output wavelengths of most common fluorescence instrumentation
Concentration 1.0 mg/mL
Category Avidin, Biotin, Streptavidin
Keywords STREPTAVIDIN DyLight™ 800 Conjugated - S000-45
Unit 100 µg
Description This product is designed for immunofluorescence microscopy, fluorescence based plate assays (FLISA) and fluorescent western blotting. This product is also suitable for multiplex analysis, including multicolor imaging, utilizing various commercial platforms