phospho-Integrin β4 (Tyr-1526)

  • phospho-Integrin β4 (Tyr-1526)

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Format Purified
Category Cell Adhesion
Original Item Name phospho-Integrin beta 4 (Tyr-1526) Blocking Peptide
Accession Number NP_001005731
Molecule Name phospho-Integrin beta 4.
Applications AB, E
Species Human
Unit 50 µg
Description Phospho-Integrin β4 (Tyr-1526) synthetic peptide corresponds to amino acid residues around tyrosine 1526 of human Integrin β4. This peptide sequence is found in all three Integrin β4 isoforms and is highly conserved in rat and mouse Integrin β4.Integrins are cell adhesion molecules that can mediate bidirectional transfer of signals across the plasma membrane. The cytoplasmic domains of integrin family members interact with components of the signal transduction apparatus within cells. Integrin α6β4receptors are found in basement membrane along with laminin-5. These receptors are expressed in epithelial, schwann, endothelial and some immune cells. The cytoplasmic domain of the Integrin β4 subunit recruits the adaptor protein Shc and is required for assembly of hemidesmosomes. Tyrosine phosphorylation of multiple sites within the cytoplasmic domain regulates these cellular events. In particular, tyrosine 1526 interacts with the phosphotyrosine binding domain of Shc and is required for Shc activation. In addition, tyrosine 1494 is required for integrin-mediated IRS-2 phosphorylation and activation of PI3-kinase. More importantly this site is critical for integrin α6β4 increases in carcinoma invasion