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Additional Catids 18642
Applications Cryopreservation, Cell Culture
Material Liquid
Method The cryopreservation of hESCs and hiPSCs in serum-free medium
Species Human
Category Specialized cell culture media
Source/Expression System Embryonic stem cells & iPS cells
Unit 10 x 5 mL Tubes
Description Defined cryopreservation medium for human ES and iPS cellsmFreSR™ is a defined, serum-free cryopreservation medium designed for the cryopreservation of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells (ES and iPS cells). mFreSR™ contains dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and is complete and ready-to-use. Together with mTeSR™1 or TeSR™2, mFreSR™ eliminates the use of feeders and serum. Human ES and iPS cells cryopreserved in mFreSR™ have thawing efficiencies 5-10 fold higher than reported conventional thawing methods using serum