Crimpensteina„¢ Electric Decapper - 13mm - India Plug

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Original Item Name Crimpensteina„¢ Electric Decapper - 13mm - India Plug
Unit 1/CS
Description Crimpensteina„¢ Electric Crimper with an 13mm decapper head and an India electric line cord. Electrify your crimping and decapping operations with the new innovative Wheaton Crimpenstein. Engineered to improve productivity and efficiency in a variety of laboratories performing chromatography, QC testing, lyophilization, vaccine development or any other applications where vials are capped with aluminum seals. This AC powered crimper/decapper provides fast, consistent results with a simple push of a button. Jaw action intensity can be adjusted as needed. The ability to change jaw-sets offers an unmatched level of flexibility and economy for applications where various sizes of aluminum seals are required. A sturdy stand is available which will hold the Crimpenstein in a fixed vertical position for operations where vials need to be handled one at a time.