Human Placenta Normalized

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Colony Forming Units:
At least 1 x 10M cfu/m

Average Insert Size:
2 kb for standard and normalized libraries and 4 kb for large insert libraries

Starting Material:
Human placenta

Unit At least 1 x 10M cfu/m
Description Helica Biosystems introduces three types of Catalog cDNA Libraries: standard, normalized, and blunt ended for 454 sequencing. These libraries are pre-made from the species and the tissues that our market analysis has determined are most important to cDNA library customers. The libraries are a perfect, low expense, cDNA resource for cloning-out novel full-length genes as required for genomic/proteomic research and drug discovery. The catalog cDNA libraries are constructed using the same technology that is used to construct our custom cDNA libraries. This means that the libraries are being enriched in full-length clones and contain at least 90% of the clones with cDNA insert (often they are 98-100%) with an average insert size of approximately 2 kb for standard and normalized libraries and 4 kb for large insert libraries. Each pre-made catalog library comes with a Certificate of Analysis in a 1 ml volume at a titer of 5 x10(9) cfu/ml. They are pre-made so the delivery time is significantly less than custom library construction service (1-2 weeks).