LIP1 (human) - EIA Kit, Host: Rabbit, High Sensitivity

  • LIP1 (human) - EIA Kit, Host: Rabbit, High Sensitivity

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    CatalogueID : S-1331.0001

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Reactivity human
Host Rabbit
Applications ELISA
Target/Molecule Descriptor High Sensitivity
Sensitivity High Sensitivity
Original Item Name LIP1 (human) - EIA Kit, Host: Rabbitî‚High Sensitivityî‚CE-marked
Method EIA
Range 0-25 ng/ml
Format ELISA
Keywords ELISA; EIA
Unit 1 Kit
Description This competitive enzyme immunoassay kit (ELISA) is designed to measure analyte in biological fluids. (CE- marked is a declaration of conformity designating that the product complies with the essential health, safety and environmental requirements within European countries)