Mouse Anti-CYTOKERATIN (Acidic) Monoclonal antibody, Unconjugated, ...

  • Mouse Anti-CYTOKERATIN (Acidic) Monoclonal antibody, Unconjugated, Clone ae1

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Target Cytokeratin
Clone Clone ae1
Target Species Mus musculus
Unit 2 ml
Description This monoclonal antibody recognizes the 56.5, 50, 50, 48, and 40 kDa cytokeratins of the acidic subfamily. Used to determine if a neoplasm originated from an epithelialor non-epithelial source, especially for distinction of metastatic malignant tumors of epithelial origin. Positive tissue: Skin. Clone/PAD: AE1 Immunogen: Human epidermal keratin Specificity: This antibody recognizes 56.5, 50, 50' 48, and 40 kD keratins of the acidic subfamily. It shows no cross-reactivity to otherfilament types, including vimentin, desmin, glial fibrillary acidic protein andneurofilament protein. Reactivity: Human Applications: Immunohistochemistry (FFPE) Pretreatment: Epitope Retrieval: Required (Citrate Buffer, pH 6) OR Enzyme Digestion: Digest-Allâ„¢ 3 (Pepsin) Expected Staining Pattern: Mainly cytoplasmic
Clonality Monoclonal