Mouse Anti-Human CD3 Monoclonal antibody, Pacific orangeâ&bdq...

  • Mouse Anti-Human CD3 Monoclonal antibody, Pacific orangeâ„¢ Conjugated, Clone ucht1

    CatalogueID : CD0330

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Target CD3
Host Species Homo sapiens
Target Tag/Conjugate Pacific Orange®
Clone Clone ucht1
Target Species Mus musculus
Unit 0.5 ml
Description This mouse monoclonal antibody to the human CD3 antigen is conjugated to Pacific Orangeâ„¢. With a peak emission wavelength of 551 nm, Pacific Orangeâ„¢ conjugates are strongly fluorescent at neutral pH and ideally suited for 550 nm Em band pass filter sets off the violet laser. This product is an analyte specific reagent. Anti-CD3 recognizes the expressed product of the CD3D gene. For intracellular staining, cat. no. GM4013-5 is recommended
Clonality Monoclonal