Mouse Anti-Human CD45 Monoclonal antibody, Qdot® 800 Con...

  • Mouse Anti-Human CD45 Monoclonal antibody, Qdot® 800 Conjugated, Clone h130

    CatalogueID : Q10156

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Target CD45
Host Species Homo sapiens
Target Tag/Conjugate Qdot® 800
Clone Clone h130
Target Species Mus musculus
Unit 100 ug
Description CD45, Mouse anti-Human, Qdotâ„¢ 800 conjugate: Qdotâ„¢ 800 conjugated monoclonal antibody specific to Human CD450. This antibody is validated for use in Flow Cytometry. Anti-CD45 recognizes the expressed product of the CD45 gene. According to the literature this antibody recognizes the CD45 antigen also known as Leukocyte Common Antigen or LCA. CD45 is expressed on all cells of hematopoietic origin with the exception of platelets and red blood cells and their immediate precursors. CD45 is considered to be a pan leukocyte marker.
Clonality Monoclonal
Uniprot ID P08575