Mouse Anti-Human LCA (CD45) Monoclonal antibody, Unconjugated, Clon...

  • Mouse Anti-Human LCA (CD45) Monoclonal antibody, Unconjugated, Clone mem28/mem56/mem55

    CatalogueID : 180367

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Target Lca
Host Species Homo sapiens
Clone Clone mem28/mem56/mem55
Target Species Mus musculus
Unit 100 ul
Description This monoclonal antibody cocktail reacts with LCA present on the surface of most human leucocytes. It stains normal lymphoid cells, macrophages, histiocytes, polymorphs, hairy cells, neoplastic B and T cells in non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and B and T cells in leukemia samples. Positive tissue: Lymph node. Clone/PAD: MEM28/MEM56/MEM55 Immunogen: Human thymocytes and T lymphocytes Specificity: Leukocyte common antigen (LCA, CD45) Reactivity: Human Applications: Immunohistochemistry (FFPE) Pretreatment: Epitope Retrieval: Not Required (however, Citrate buffer pH 6.0 may enhance the staining intensity), Enzyme Digestion: Not Required Expected Staining Pattern: Membrane
Clonality Monoclonal