Mouse Anti-IL-8 Monoclonal antibody, Unconjugated, Clone 29t14

  • Mouse Anti-IL-8 Monoclonal antibody, Unconjugated, Clone 29t14

    CatalogueID : 433310

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Target IL-8
Clone Clone 29t14
Target Species Mus musculus
Unit 0.5 ml
Description Mouse anti- IL-8 (guinea pig), SKU 433310, specific to guinea pig. This antibody is validated for use in WB, ELISA. Mouse anti- IL-8 (guinea pig) recognizes the expressed product of the IL-8 gene, also known as interleukin 8, CXCL8, GCP-1, GCP1, LECT, LUCT, LYNAP, MDNCF, MONAP, NAF, NAP-1, NAP1, T cell chemotactic factor, beta-thromboglobulin-like protein, chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 8, emoctakin, granulocyte chemotactic protein 1, lymphocyte-derived neutrophil-activating factor, monocyte-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor, neutrophil-activating peptide 1, small inducible cytokine subfamily B, member 8. Interleukin-8 (IL-8, C-X-C motif chemokine 8, Neutrophil-activating protein 1) is a chemotactic factor that attracts neutrophils, basophils and T-cells. It is released from several cell types in response to an inflammatory stimulus and is also involved in neutrophil activation. This secreted protein exists as a homodimer.
Clonality Monoclonal