Rabbit Anti-CD3 Polyclonal Antibody,

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Target CD3
Target Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
Unit 100 ug
Description The CD3 complex is involved in T cell activation and signal transduction. Our polyclonal CD3 antibody reacts with the intracytoplasmic portion of the CD3 antigen, which is expressed specifically by T cells. CD3 is usually present on the surface of resting and activated T-lymphocytes. This antibody is useful in the differentiation of precursor T cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma from its B cell counterpart. Positive tissue: Tonsil⁄thymus Immunogen: Synthetic peptide derived from human CD3 Specificity: CD3 (T cells) Reactivity: Human Applications: Immunohistochemistry (FFPE) Pretreatment: Epitope Retrieval: Not Required. HIER exhibited weaker staining than Pepsin pretreatment., Enzyme Digestion: Required. Digest-All™ 3 (Pepsin). Expected Staining Pattern: Membrane
Clonality Polyclonal