SMARTchoice Mouse Lentiviral shMIMIC mEF1a/TurboGFP 200 µL...

  • SMARTchoice Mouse Lentiviral shMIMIC mEF1a/TurboGFP 200 µL (200 µL, 10^8 TU/mL)

    CatalogueID : VSM6227

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Species Mouse
Category microRNA
  • Unique, patent-pending expression scaffold for consistent and correct processing of the mature microRNA
  • Universal primary context ensures that each mature microRNA is correctly and consistently processed
  • Design modifications promote preferential loading of the mature microRNA into RISC and robust function
  • High-titer, concentrated lentiviral particles permits delivery into cells refractory to lipid-based delivery
  • Expression of TurboGFP or Turbo RFP (Evrogen, Moscow) allows visualization of transduction efficiency
Unit 200 µL, 10^8 TU/mL
Description microRNAs, endogenous non-coding ~22mer RNAs, are highly conserved in mammals and regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally through innate RNA interference mechanisms. Now, stable cell lines expressing microRNAs of interest can be created using novel vectors with your choice of promoter and reporter