MagJET Plant Genomic DNA Kit (4 x 96 prep)

  • MagJET Plant Genomic DNA Kit (4 x 96 prep)

    CatalogueID : K2762

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Isolated genomic DNA is ideal for use in common molecular biology procedures, including:

PCR and qPCR / FastDigest and conventional restriction digestion / Southern blotting
Category Nucleic Acid Purification
  • Versatile– suitable for any plant type and part, including woody, polyphenol-rich and lignified samples
  • High gDNA yieldscompared to traditional CTAB method
  • High quality– isolates high integrity gDNA, free of inhibitors and RNA contamination
  • Flexible– easily adjustable for high throughput automation platforms and manual processing
Unit 4 x 96 prep
Description Purifies plant genomic DNA from a variety of plant species and tissues without phenol/chloroform extraction using magnetic bead technology amenable to high-throughput assays