Luminaris HiGreen High ROX qPCR Master Mix (1250 x 20 µL rxns)

  • Luminaris HiGreen High ROX qPCR Master Mix (1250 x 20 µL rxns)

    CatalogueID : K0963

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Applications Gene expression analysis / siRNA validation / Genotyping / Pathogen detection
Category qPCR Detection
  • Blue master mix and Yellow Sample Buffer for easy pipetting
  • UDG in the master mix to prevent carry-over contamination
  • Excellent qPCR performance:
    • Specificity– Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase and the optimized buffer eliminate non-specific amplification and formation of primer dimers
    • Sensitivity– single copy detection
    • Wide linear range– accurate quantification across 9 orders of magnitude
    • Reproducibility and convenience– ready-to-use 2X master mix
    • Equal performance of blue and colorless master mixes
  • Versions with premixed ROX or fluorescein for different real-time platforms
  • Standard cycling protocols
Unit 1250 x 20 µL rxns
Description Ready-to-use qPCR master mixes with premixed UDG optimized for SYBR Green chemistry using standard cycling protocol. Master mixes available with or without blue color