Maxi-Plus Cooled Horizontal

  • Maxi-Plus Cooled Horizontal

    CatalogueID : CHU25

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Dimensions (WxDxH) 33 x 56 x 9 cm
Capacity 3000 ml
Electrical Requirements 210 / 250VAC, 50/60Hz, 75W
Number of Samples 624
Voltage 150 - 250V
Unit EA
Description The CHU25 maxi-plus cooled horizontal gel electrophoresis unit allows high throughput screening of nucleic acids to be performed quickly at high voltage without compromising resolution. Features Cooled Base – covering the entire 20 x 20cm gel tray – allows separations to be performed faster and at higher voltage, without loss of resolution Cooling ports connect the cooled base either to the laboratory water supply or the optional external chiller Combs - colour-coded and height adjustable - offer complete control over loading volume and well depth to a maximum 32-sample throughput Coloured loading strips - for easy well detection when loading Twelve comb slots - at 2cm intervals along the tray for faster separation of a maximum 120 samples Multi-channel pipette compatible combs – with a maximum 52- sample throughput – allow samples to be loaded quickly and easily from 96 and 384-well thermal cyclers UV-transparent acrylic casting tray - allows the user to image the gel without risk of damage due to handling Side handles - for safe and easy transportation around the laboratory Buffer recirculation ports - may be connected to a peristaltic pump for buffer recirculation during electrophoresis to maintain buffer pH and prevent ionic gradient formation