PathScan ® Acetyl-Histone H4 (Lys8) Sandwich ELISA Kit

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Applications ELISA
Reactivity Hu,Ms,Rt
Target H4 (Lys9) acetylate
Molecular Weight 11
Protein Modification H4 (Lys9) acetylate
Category Chromatin Regulation / Nuclear Function
Target/Molecule Synonym H4,H4 histone family, member A,H4/A,H4/B,H4/C,H4/D,H4/E,H4/G,H4/H,H4/I,H4/J,H4/K,H4/M,H4/N,H4/O,H4F2,H4FA,H4FB,H4FC,H4FD,H4FE,H4FG,H4FH,H4FI,H4FJ,H4FK,H4FM,H4FN,H4FO,HIST1H4A,HIST1H4B,HIST1H4C,HIST1H4D,HIST1H4E,HIST1H4F,HIST1H4H,HIST1H4I,HIST1H4J,HIST1H4K,HIST1H4L,HIST2H4,HIST2H4A,HIST2H4B,HIST4H4,Histone H4,histone 1, H4a,histone cluster 1, H4a
Entrez GeneID 8359
NCBI Full Gene Name histone cluster 1, H4a
NCBI Gene Aliases H4/a, H4FA
Gene Symbol H4
original image name (for internal use only) 7224.jpg
Unit 1 Kit
Description CST's PathScan® Acetyl-Histone H4 (Lys8) Sandwich ELISA Kit #7224 detects endogenous levels of histone H4 when acetylated at Lys8. As shown in Figure 1 using the Acetyl-Histone H4 (Lys8) Sandwich ELISA Kit #7224, a high level of acetylation at Lys8 on histone H4 is detected in NIH/3T3 cells when treated with TSA. The level of total histone H4 (acetylated and non-acetylated) remains unchanged as shown by Western analysis (Figure 1). Similar results are obtained when COS and Jurkat cells are treated with TSA (data not shown). This kit detects proteins from the indicated species, as determined through in-house testing, but may also detect homologous proteins from other species