CD44 peptide

  • CD44 peptide

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Species Human
Category Peptides
Molecule Name CD44
Original Item Name CD44 peptide
Target/Molecule Synonym LHR, BA-1, CD 44, CD44, CD44, CD44 antigen, CD44 isoform RC, CD44 molecule, CD44_HUMAN, CDw44, Cell surface glycoprotein CD44, chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 8, ECM III, ECMR III, ECMR-III, ECMRIII, Epican, Extracellular Matrix Receptor III, GP90 Lymphocyte Homing Adhesion Receptor, GP90 lymphocyte homing/adhesion receptor, HCAM, HCELL, hematopoietic cell E- and L-selectin ligand, Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan, Hermes Antigen, homing function and Indian blood group system, HSA, HUTCH I, HUTCH-I, HUTCH1, Hyaluronate Receptor, IN, Indian blood group, Inlu Related p80 Glycoprotein, lhr, Ly 24, MC56, MDU2, MDU3, MGC10468, MIC4, MUTCH I, MUTCH1, PGP 1, PGP-1, PGP-I, PGP1, Phagocytic Glycoprotein 1, Phagocytic glycoprotein I, Transmembrane glycoprotein
Unit 100µg
Description CD44 peptide