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Mainfeature: PTP inhibitor. Insulin mimetic.

CAS Number 42494-73-5
Brand/Trademark ALEXIS
Original Item Name bpV(phen)
Target/Molecule Synonym PTP, Insulin receptor
Sample Type Yellow to orange powder.
Formula K[VO(O2)2C12H8N2]. 3H2O
Item Name Synonyms AG-CR1-0042-M025
Purity ≥98% (51V-NMR)
Molecular Weight 350.3. 54.0
Keywords END/PEH| SIG/PHO| SIG/REP/RTK| DDI/SMM PTP| Insulin receptor Inhibitor| Activator
Target PTP, Insulin receptor
Category Inhibitor: Activator
Unit 25 mg
Description Potent protein phosphotyrosine phosphatase inhibitor. Also shown to be a potent insulin receptor kinase activator; excellent insulin mimetic in vitro and in vivo