Biotin-Labeled CL-264 100 µg

  • Biotin-Labeled CL-264 100 µg

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Unit 100 microg EA
Description Biotin labeled CL264 CL264 is a novel 9-benzyl-8 hydroxyadenine derivative containing a glycine on the benzyl group (in para). Similarly to SM360320, CL264 induces the activation of NF-?B and the secretion of IFN-a in TLR7- expressing cells1. CL264 is a TLR7-specific ligand, it does not stimulate TLR8 even at high concentrations (>> 10 µg/ml). In TLR7- transfected HEK293 cells, CL264 triggers NF-?B activation at a concentration of 0.1 µM which is 5-10 times less than imiquimod. CL264 is labeled with Biotin on the acid group of the glycine via 3 HEX spacers. CL264 Biotin can be used for various applications, such as histochemical staining.