Control peptide pair for [pTyr<sup>941</sup>]Insulin re...

  • Control peptide pair for [pTyr<sup>941</sup>]Insulin receptor substrate 1 (human) pAb (Prod. No. BML-SA394)

    CatalogueID : BML-SP394-0001

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Original Item Name Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 (pTyr941) Control Peptide Pair
Purity phosphopeptide: >90%, non-phosphopeptide:> 85%, by HPLC analysis
Molecular Weight phosphopeptide: 1809 Da non-phosphopeptide: 1728 Da
Category Blocking peptide
Brand/Trademark BIOMOL
Unit 2 x 100 µg
Description Negative and positive control peptides for BML-SA394. Useful for demonstrating specificity of the Insulin Receptor Substrate-1(IRS-1) (pTyr941) phospho-specific antibody