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Sample Type White solid.
Brand/Trademark BIOMOL
Formula C16H14CIN5O6PS. Na
Molecular Weight 493.8
Target/Molecule Synonym PKA
CAS Number 93882-12-3
Purity ≥ 96% (HPLC)

Mainfeature: PKA activator

Keywords MOL/NCT/CNU| DDI/SMM Activator PKA
Target PKA
Category Activator
Unit 20 mg
Description A lipophilic, cell-permeable cAMP analog which activates cAMP- and cGMP-dependent protein kinase. More potent than cAMP and more resistant to phosphodiesterasese, with good selectivity for site B of PKA. For specific activation of the cAMP pathway the highly membrane permeable Sp-5,6-DCI-cBIMPS (Prod. No. BML-CN135)