Human Interleukin-2 (C145S)

  • Human Interleukin-2 (C145S)

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Target/Molecule Synonym IL-2, T-cell growth factor, TCGF, Aldesleukin, IL2, IL2_HUMAN
Format Purity: >= 95% by SDS PAGE
Format: Liquid. In Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS). pH 7.4.
Species Human
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Original Item Name Interleukin-2 (C145S) human
Applications SDS
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Source/Expression System E. Coli
Category Protein
Molecule Name Interleukin-2 (C145S)
Unit 0.05 mg
Description IL-2. also known as T cell growth factor (TCGF). is an immunoregulatory lymphokine produced by T-cells in response to antigenic or mitogenic stimulation. IL-2/IL-2R signaling is required for T-cell proliferation and other fundamental functions which are essential for the immune response. IL-2 stimulates growth and differentiation of B-cells. NK cells. lymphokine activated killer cells. monocytes. macrophages and oligodendrocytes. This recombinant human IL-2 is a 15.4 kDa protein. containing 133 amino acid residues including one intra chain disulfide bond. Recombinant human IL-2 was overexpressed in E. coli and purified by conventional chromatography. after refolding of the isolated inclusion bodies in a renaturation buffer.Function: Produced by T-cells in response to antigenic or mitogenic stimulation. this protein is required for T-cell proliferation and other activities crucial to regulation of the immune response. Can stimulate B-cells. monocytes. lymphokine-activated killer cells. natural killer cells. and glioma cells.Subcellular Location: Secreted protein.Disease: A chromosomal aberration involving IL2 is found in a form of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). Translocation t(4;16)(q26;p13) with involves TNFRSF17.Pharmaceutical: Available under the name Proleukin (Chiron). Used in patients with renal cell carcinoma or metastatic melanoma.Similarity: Belongs to the IL-2 family. Sequence Length (aa): 153 MW: 17628 OMIM: 147680; gene. [ NCBI / EBI] Applications Tested: SDS Applications Not Tested: MS Testing Protocols: SDS: 15% SDS PAGE||10-002-38032_SDHuman Storage: Store at -20°C. Avoid frequent freeze and thaw. Stability: 6-12 months at -70°C. Product ID: 38032