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Description Molecular biologists working with DNA or RNA extraction typically require reliable and cost-efficient methods for nucleic acid purification or isolation. Aurora’s ready-to-use nucleic acid extraction and isolation kits provide a simple, straight-forward solution. These extraction kits provide excellent sensitivity and specificity. These extraction kits have been optimized for use in automated liquid handling workstations but may also be used by scientists desiring manual protocols. By combining these DNA and RNA extraction kits with Aurora’s VERSA™ liquid handling workstations, laboratories can fully automate the nucleic acid extraction and isolation process thereby reducing cost and operator error, while increasing efficiency. Our kits provide easy solutions for a full range of nucleic acid isolation protocols, including plasmid DNA isolation, genomic DNA and RNA isolation, as well as DNA or RNA extraction clean up. Aurora offers complete solutions including application support, instrumentation and reagents, thereby ensuring users receive their desired results quickly and efficiently. For more information on Aurora's extraction kits, please review the brochure or contact us directly to discuss your specific application. Thank you for considering Aurora to solve your lab automation requirements. *Disclaimer: Aurora’s DNA extraction kits and RNA extraction kits are for research purposes only, and should not be used in clinical diagnosis.