Latrunculin B

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Purity ≥98% (TLC)
Molecular Weight 395.5
CAS Number 76343-94-7
Formula C20H29NO5S

Appearance: Lyophilized solid.

Mainfeature: Ultra-pure; inhibits actin polymerization

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Keywords Latrunculin B CEL/BCE| CEL/CYS| NAT/CER| NAT/NMA| NAT/TOX
Brand/Trademark BIOMOL
Unit 1 mg
Description Structurally unique marine toxin. Actin filament modulator. 10- to 100-fold more potent than cytochalasins. Whereas cytochalasin D (Prod. No. BML-T109) induces dissolution of F-actin and stress fiber contraction in fibroblasts in culture, latrunculin B causes a shortening and thickening of stress fibers. Effects on N1E-115 cells (mouse neuroblastoma) at concentrations as low as 90nM (NI43T3 cells, 0.9µM). Maximum effects at 2.5µM. Slowly inactivated by fetal bovine serum. Inhibition of cofilin-actin binding (ED50~50µM)