E<sub>6</sub> Berbamine

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Purity 98%
Molecular Weight 757.8
CAS Number 73885-53-7

Mainfeature: Calmodulin inhibitor

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Keywords Inhibitor| Inhibitor E6 Berbamine Calmodulin| MLCK| PDE GPC/AMP| GPC/CAL| SIG/CAL| SIG/AMP| SIG/GMP| SIG/GPC/AMP| SIG/GPC/CAL| DDI/SMM
Brand/Trademark BIOMOL
Unit 10 mg
Description A potent, selective, cell-permeable calmodulin antagonist. It inhibits calmodulin-dependent enzymes such as MLC kinase (IC50=8 &#181;M) and phosphodiesterase I (IC50=0.53 &#181;M)