RWJ-60475 (AM)3

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Molecular Weight 620.4

Background / Technical Information: Please click here for the comprehensive product datasheet.

Mainfeature: CD45 inhibitor

Keywords CEL/STC| IMM/TCS| PEM/KIN/TYK| SIG/KIN/TYK| SIG/PHO| DDI/SMM Inhibitor| Inhibitor RWJ-60475 (AM)3 CD45| PTP
Brand/Trademark BIOMOL
Unit 1 mg
Description RWJ-60475-(AM)3 is a cell-permeable acetoxymethyl (AM) ester of RWJ-60475. The AM esters confer cell membrane permeability and are hydrolyzed by intracellular esterases, trapping the active inhibitor within the cell. The IC50 for the hydrolyzed, active inhibitor is 2 µM