B (52) SSP UniTray

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Method SSP
Sample Type Class I
Target HLA Molecules
Applications Diagnostics & Clinical Research:HLA SSP Typing:Molecular HLA Typing Technologies:Transplant Diagnostics
Keywords MHC, high, resolution, allele-level, Class, I, Pre-dispensed, pre-aliquotted, B03085, B02958, B02291, _KWCPNT, 100009809, B02254, B02279, B02281, B02283, B02284, B02286, B02288, B02289, B02292, B02491, B03044, B03046, B03080, B03114, B03162, B03191, B03503, B03688, B04356, B05362, B05508, B05959, B05973, B05974, B06002, B06011, KWCPNT_
Unit 12 tests
Description ; For use when high resolution typing of HLA Class I is required and low resolution results are known. ; Provide allele-level typing results with minimal ambiguities. ; Pre-dispensed liquid primer mixes ; Includes pre-aliquoted amplification buffer ; Compatible with UniMatch Plus Analysis software ; Allele-updating availabe via the web